Carbon Dioxide Detectors

From fermentation through to distribution, Carbon Dioxide is one of the most common hazards to health in breweries, cellars and drinks outlets. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a toxic gas at moderate levels and is generated from brewing, distilling, landfill and anaerobic digestion.

Industries and applications include: Cellars and Drinks Industry, Refrigeration, Brewing/distilling, Landfills, Laboratories, Hospitals and Storage (Bulk and fuel).

CO2 is a toxic and heavy gas that can lead to death when critical levels are reached. The Health and Safety Authority limits for CO2 exposure are just 0.5% and 1.5%. CO2 protection is achieved with our Crowcon Gasman low cost handheld Carbon Dioxide monitor. Reliable and durable monitoring in a compact and long life package. Crowcon Gasman CO2 has a sensor life in excess of 5 years. CO2 handheld portable gas detector. Our CO2 gas meter alarms at recognised dangerous levels to protect you from toxic gas exposure. For multigas versions see our Gas-Pro.

MODELS: Portable: Gasman CO2, Gas-Pro, G100, G110, G210, G150 Fixed: Xgard CO2, Xgard Flammable CH4, KundoXT, Gasmaster Control Panel, F-Gas.

CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.