The Crowcon FGas detector provides dependable detection of refrigerant gases and sulfur hexafluoride in plant-room or switchgear applications. The Crowcon FGas detector is a high quality infrared (IR) fixed-point detector that delivers dependable detection of freon gases.

Available for detecting a range of different refrigerant gases and also sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), the F-Gas Detector can be connected to any control system that accepts an analogue signal.


Housed within an IP54 rugged enclosure, the F-Gas Detector is suitable for use in non-hazardous areas such as plant or switchgear rooms.

In addition to protecting personnel from toxic gas risks, installing the F-Gas detector also helps to reduce the risk of leakage of powerful ‘greenhouse gases’ into the environment.

Accurate and reliable

Superior IR sensor technology – provides fast, stable and dependable performance with low maintenance and long life. Unlike cheaper semi-conductor type sensors the F-Gas detector is not affected by other types of gas or changes in temperature or humidity.

Simple and versatile

  • Tri-coloured LED’s – indicate the operating status of the detector, and in combination with the function keys, facilitate simple adjustments such as zero and calibration.
  • Choice of output signals – the analogue output signal can be set as 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-2V, 0-5V or 0-10Vdc for compatibility with virtually any control system.

Long life with low maintenance costs

  • No consumable parts – provides many years of service with no requirement to replace the sensor or any other components.
  • Simple to test – requires a bi-annual gas check only. Re-calibration is only necessary if readings are out of range.
  • IP54 rated enclosure – provides good protection from dust and water ingress in indoor environments.

Safety and compliance

  • F-Gas regulations compatible – enables F-Gas suppliers and user to comply with the mandatory European F-Gas regulations.
  • Rapid gas leak detection – provides an early warning that gas is leaking and thus maintains system efficiency and reduces expensive gas replacement costs.
  • Environmental protection – helps to reduce the risk of leakage of powerful ‘greenhouse gases’ into the environment.


CSL supply, install, commission and service our gas detectors. Can be used in conjunction with our gas detection panels – the Gasmaster, Vortex and Gasmonitor. CSL supply, service and maintain all fixed gas detectors on site by qualified engineers using certified test gas. Contact us for further information including installation and commissioning.