Landfill Gas Detectors

When a landfill site is first set up there is plenty of oxygen present in the waste and aerobic degradation occurs, producing carbon dioxide and water and sometimes other gases such as hydrogen. As the oxygen is used up anaerobic degradation begins to take place, forming methane and carbon dioxide. It takes about two years for a site to be generating gases at a reasonably stable rate and at this stage the main constituents are methane (70%) and carbon dioxide (30%) with hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can also be produced by landfills and represent a risk to health as well as odour issues on site. Our Crowcon Gas-Pro PID sensors detects of high levels of VOCs.

For personnel safety portable gas monitors can protect against these gases – CH4 (methane), CO2, H2S, Oxygen and Carbon monoxide.

MODELS: Portable: T4, Gas-Pro, Gas-Pro PID, Gasman CO2, GA5000, LaserMethane Mini, Gas-Tec Mk5 FID Fixed: Xgard CO2

CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.

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