Cellars and Drinks Industry Gas Detection

Carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs widely in the drinks industry – in cellars and from drinks dispensing, in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. It has the potential to kill, but not everyone is aware of the true nature of the risk. Many national regulatory bodies set exposure limits above which employees must not be exposed. People die needlessly every year in the drinks industry in tragic and completely avoidable accidents.
There is still a misconception among some that, by monitoring oxygen (O2) levels, they are effectively protecting themselves against CO2. This is not the case, however. Reliance on monitoring levels of oxygen to protect against CO2 has led to fatalities.
CO2 is heavier than air. It is a hazard in bars, cellars and eating establishments where the drinks are served. If CO2 escapes, it will tend to sink to the floor, where it can form deadly, invisible pockets and gives off no smell. It collects in cellars and at the bottom of containers and confined spaces, such as tanks and silos.
Carbon dioxide can make you unwell at concentrations as low as 0.5%, and extended periods of low level exposure can have severe consequences. This is long before the lack of oxygen becomes an issue. Even 7% of CO2 has been shown to kill in 5 minutes. To ensure safety, install a fixed low cost CO2 gas detection alarm system.


CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.

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