Industries and Applications: Cellars and Drinks Industry



The centrepiece of the system is an optoelectronic sensor. The basic configuration is intentionally limited to few components by combining a sensor unit with a warning unit, in order to guarantee a high level of reliability, longevity and simple installation. Based on each specific application, another sensor or signalling unit can be connected to a second room or a second entrance. In addition, ventilators and suction devices can be directly controlled via a switching unit.

  • Comprising: extended warning unit with 230V/50 Hz floating outputs, especially complying with requirements for CO2coolant systems. Linking and confirmation of additional alarm units, one-man initialisation, shared cable for supply and control, additional optical-acoustic warning.
  • Description:  Control panel with audio visual alarm, CO2 sensor, 6m cable and distributor.
  • Areas of application: Refrigerating devices at discounters, food retailers, food processing, industrial refrigeration systems