Food Production Detectors

Food production factories use a range of potentially toxic gases which pose a risk to workers and which should be monitored and alarmed for.

Ammonia in refrigeration is a colourless toxic gas in low concentrations and explosive in higher concentrations.

CO2 used for food packaging and preservation is a toxic gas and can asphyxiate.

Boilers produce carbon monoxide gas which is toxic, colourless and odourless. Our single and mulitgas monitors cover for carbon monoxide risk.

Laboratories in factories use a range of gases which can be toxic, flammable or cause low levels of oxygen. These gases are often piped into the lab – which is an enclosed area. Personnel need protection from the presence of these gases.

Water treatment on site use a range of toxic gases to treat the water such as chlorine and ozone.

Wastewater treatment naturally produces a range of gas hazards such as flammable gas (methane), hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and low oxygen.

Entry into Confined Spaces requires proper training and the use of portable gas monitors before and during entry.

MODELS: Portable: T4, Clip H2S, Gasman Chlorine, Gasman Ammonia, Gasman CO2, Gas-Pro, G110 Fixed: Biogas 3000, Xgard Cl, Xgard H2S, Xgard NH3, Xgard Ozone

CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.

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