Drains and Sewer Gas Detection

Working in and around drains presents gas hazards from the drains and if confined spaces are entered. A multi-gas monitor protecting the worker from multiple gas risks is advised. Our Crowcon T4 monitors for the four gases associated with drains.

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S):  A highly toxic gas produced throughout the wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations as well as in any confined space.

Methane:  Also known as natural gas, methane is an explosive gas (L.E.L 5% volume) produced primarily in the initial stages of decomposition.

Oxygen:  The build-up of other gases means lower and often dangerous levels of oxygen. Adequate levels of oxygen must be maintained to ensure worker safety.

Carbon monoxide can be present from any combustion source (engines, fires, boilers etc.) and should be monitored.

MODELS: Portable: T4, Clip H2S, Fixed: Xgard H2S

CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.

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