Flammable Methane Detector

Natural gas, methane or petrol vapour are just some of the flammable gases that pose explosive risks to workers.

Industries and applications include: Boiler Services, Facilities Management, Storage (Bulk / Fuel) and Laboratories.

Detecting and alarming for the presence of explosive gases at an early stage protects workers from flammable risks. Our Gasman Flammable is a low cost handheld flammable gas monitor (Methane, natural gas etc.,). Reliable and durable monitoring in a compact and long life package. Crowcon Gasman Flammable has a sensor life of 3-5 years. Our Flammable handheld portable gas detector alarms at recognised dangerous levels to protect you from explosive atmospheres and alarms at 20% and 40% of the LEL (Lower explosive level). Multigas protection is available from our T4 and Gas-Pros.

MODELS: Portable: Gasman CH4, T4, Gas-Pro, LaserMethane Mini, Gas-Tec Mk5 FID Fixed: Xgard CH4, Gasmaster Control Panel

CSL supply, service and maintain all our gas detectors in our workshop in Carlow or on site.