Biogas Leak Detection

Biogas is the result of a mixture of different gases being produced when organic matter is broken down in the absence of oxygen.  Biogas can be produced from livestock and agricultural waste (such as manure, municipal waste and sewage), food production (food and brewery waste and much more) and wastewater treatment plants.  Biogas can be produced by anaerobic digestion with anaerobic organisms, which digest waste inside a closed environment.

The agricultural and waste industries use anaerobic digestion plants and biogas power plants and to turn the biogas into renewable energy as well as disposing of organic waste.  A common use is to convert the energy in the gas into heat and electricity.

Biogas analysis can help optimise digester operation and maximise methane production.  It assists process control, which can help protect CHP engines from H2S and moisture damage.  As a result, it ensures that methane is produced efficiently, ultimately generating revenue

Industries and Applications include:   Anaerobic Digestion, Farming / Agriculture, Wastewater Treatment.

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