Xgard NH3

Industries and applications include: Food Production, Farming / Agriculture, Facilities Management, Brewing / Distilling, Refrigeration, Anaerobic Digestion.


Used for the detection of Ammonia used as a refrigerant in a wide range of applications. Ammonia is also produced from livestock in food production.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wide range of sensors
  • Flexible installation options
  • Rugged and reliable

Service and Maintenance

Fixed gas detectors using an electrochemical sensor contained within an Xgard junction box, which also contains the amplifier/transmitter to provide a 4 to 20mA output.


XGARD NH3 range are suitable for safe areas or ATEX zoned areas. Our Ammonia gas detector can be set to alarm at recognised dangerous levels. The HSA long term exposure limits for Ammonia is just 20ppm.