Xgard Hydrogen H2

Used for the fixed detection of Hydrogen gas in Laboratories, Data Centres, Water Treatment and Battery Charging stations in a variety of industries. Hydrogen is a flammable gas for which we use flammable sensors but it can be detected at even lower levels with an electrochemical cell. Because it is such a light gas; in order to assist its detection we often use a collector cone that helps funnel the gas to the sensor head. Our control panels can activate slamshuts, text alerts, fire alarm panels etc.,

Our portable gas monitors can also detect for hydrogen for personnel protection.

Industries and applications include: Laboratories, Data Centres, Water Treatment, Facilities Management and Storage (Bulk / Fuel).


Fixed gas detectors using a pellistor flammable sensor contained within an Xgard junction box, which also contains the amplifier/transmitter to provide a 4 to 20mA output.

XGARD FL range are suitable for ATEX zoned areas. Our Flammable gas detector can be set to alarm at recognised dangerous levels to protect you from explosive atmospheres and alarms at 20% and 40% of the LEL (Lower explosive level).


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wide range of sensors
  • Flexible installation options
  • Rugged and reliable

Service and Maintenance

CSL offers a complete regular calibration and maintenance service from our nationwide service team.

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