Remote Gas Detection Systems Installed in Hazardous Sewers

CSL recently supplied and configured an online H2S Level Sewer remote monitoring web-based system. All 3 sensors are ATEX certified for hazardous areas and have a display built-in. Mounted inside the sewer with 3G encrypted data transmission and a battery life of up to 36 months, the data is available on any mobile device. CSL configured the web platform to suit the client’s location, H2S range etc.,

Measuring H2S in manholes is often required where odours are an issue and control of chemical dosing may be required. With CSL’s H2S monitors from Microtronics, the manhole doesn’t need to be opened to retrieve the data (there is also a Bluetooth enabled version for local logging, with a 4-20mA output for local control).

Our innovative sensor replacement system means the sensor can be swapped on-site by the local operator.

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