Slurry Gas Detection

Slurry Gas Detector

The Crowcon Clip H2S gas detector is a low cost, very small device to protect from dangerous Hydrogen Sulphide gas which comes from slurry pits. It lasts for 2 years and needs no maintenance.

The dangers of working around slurries are well known. When agitated or pumped high amounts of gases are released very quickly, the most toxic of which is Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).

It is a common belief among farmers that it is safe to enter a facility or pit if they cannot smell the putrid, rotten egg odour associated with hydrogen sulphide. This is not necessarily true because high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide paralyzes the nerve cells of the nose to the point where the person can no longer smell the gas.

Concentrations of hydrogen sulphide can soar from 5 parts per million (ppm) to more than 500 ppm in seconds after agitation begins and concentrations of hydrogen sulphide above 600 ppm can render a person unconscious after taking only one or two breaths.

Why is H2S Dangerous?

Hydrogen sulphide is a naturally occurring, flammable gas. It is formed through the decay of organic matter. It is commonly found in areas where raw sewage or animal manure collect. Because it is heavier than air, the gas will collect in confined spaces. At low concentrations, it has a rotten egg smell, but at medium concentrations, H2S is perceived as sweet smelling. At high concentrations or after long-term exposure, the gas cannot be smelled.

What Does H2S Do to the Body?

At low concentrations and short exposures, H2S is an eye and lung irritant. It causes watering eyes, coughing or a sore throat. As concentration levels or exposure times increase, the irritation worsens and can include headaches and fluid in the lungs. High concentration levels can cause a coma or death within a few breaths.

Industries and applications include: Farming/Agriculture,

MODELS: Portable: CLIP H2S

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