Installation of Chlorine Gas Detection Sensors & Monitoring Systems

CSL’s Gas Chlorination Dosing installations are built and designed for operator safety and plant efficiency. Unlike Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine Gas minimises the presence of unwanted chlorates and does not degrade in storage. Avoiding chlorates is particularly important for baby and children’s food, such as dairy products.

The system operates under a vacuum, the safest type of chlorinator available, and is a proven, flexible, and reliable gas feed system. If any failure or breakage occurs in the vacuum system, the chlorinator either shuts down or allows air to enter the vacuum system rather than allowing chlorine to escape. The gas cylinders are also provided with automatic shut-off in the event of a gas leak. Gas detection sensors monitor the complete system.

Our bespoke control panel with PLC & HMI offers excellent flexibility in control. CSL designs, install and commissions complete systems, including kiosks and skids, for the short and long term. Our trained national service team backs up our installations.

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